2003 to 2007
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Landscapes   for  your   Lifestyle ~ Nature Gardens
The creation of an ecosystem for which both wildlife and humans can co-exist in harmony is simple when utilizing native plants, natural materials, and a water feature. Project Samples of Nature Garden Life~Scapes

  •  for a Tropical Rainforest ~ Site Pictures

  •  for a Jungle Environment ~ Presentation Drawings

  •  for an Explorative Garden ~ Site Pictures

Landscapes   for  your   Lifestyle ~ Regional Influences
From observing our natural surrondings, to those of site specific destinations; a "sense of place" can be created when ideas, materials, and processes are intergrated into a Garden Theme Project Samples of Regional Influenced Life~Scapes

  •  from the Carribean Islands ~ Site Pictures

  •  from Palm Beach ~ Site Pictures

  •  from Rosemary Beach ~ Progress Drawings

Landscapes   for  your   Lifestyle ~ Styles & Trends
It is the design idea that connects all garden components into a single theme, such as past ideas to gardens of the future, classical to the formal, or the fusion of periods and locations. Project Samples of Style & Trend Life~Scapes

  •  with an Eclectic Garden ~ Site Pictures

  •  with Feng Shui ~ Computer Drawing

  •  with Tropical Modernism ~ Concept Drawings

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