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       Research Topics in Digital Urbanism in Interactivity


Research Topic: Performance Architecture

  •   This paper came about from a research topic in the course "Creating Interactive Culture" with Professor J. Bargsten. From my prior education and work related experiences with urban design, I have been fascinated with architecture video projection mappings. This initial research has led me to explore other topics in the realm of Digital Urbanism in Interactivity with a possible link to a thesis topic. As I continue to explore other areas of our degree, I am discovering additional topics of interest that may pertain to the overall thesis concept.
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  •   Commenced ~ September 2014   •   Completed ~ December 2014

Research Topic: Architecture & 3D Interactive Visualizations

  •   This topic was discovered in the course "3D Production for Interactivity" as we were introduced to Unity3D software. While exploring the Unity3D website and following tutorials, I came across a video showing the Unity3D platform being used for Architectural Visualizations which is a main staple for my educational interests. I had not seen this visualizations being handled this way so it will definitly be a project in my studies and a topic for further research, which will most definitly be included in my thesis.


Research Topic: The Interactive Urban Environment

  •   This topic of research will probably be a chapter one for a thesis paper. As it will introduce the topic and the evolution of digital urbanism expanding from social media into geographical information systems (GIS). It will also discuss topics of public vs. privacy issues in the network of open integrated platforms.

Research Topic: Digital Interactive Art Installations as Architecture

  •   This topic is a section in my paper "Performance Architecture." I only skimmed the surface on architectural buildings that can change their appearance by physical interactivity with their environment or human participators. I beleave that a more in-depth study of case and precedance will be pertinent to the thesis message content and delivery.

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