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       Directed Independent Study

        Disclaimer:         This web page is for the supporting documentation to the project of Video Projection Mapping within Software for demonstration purposes. The scope of this project is for a directed independant study course on "Multimedia Music Theater Production" at Florida Atlantic University. I am not the creator or owner of all the projects, videos, and images on this web page; therefore, I will be providing sourcing at the end of it.

For clarity on scope of this project, I have organizied the process into three parts. First with links to the software that was used followed by the project which is a sample of the methods described in the research for the third part.

Part 1
Software Setup
Figure 1.2

Figure 1.3

Syphon & Simple Client
Figure 3.2

Figure 3.3

Installation and Setup Notes:

The documentation presented here starts after Unity3D has been installed and that there is a general good working knowledge of the program. Syphon, being an additional program or plug-in, enables greater functionality within Unity3D. This is not a tutorial, but instructions are provided to steer the project of Video Projection Mapping to inside the compiled app from Unity3D. As an additional feature, Syphon can be attached to cameras inside of Unity for video capture to other outside programs.

Part 2
Play Progress Environments

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Unity3D for Web

Play in Web Browser
Unity3D for Mac

Download and Play
Unity3D for PC

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Part 3

For Final Abstract

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