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Project: Largest Multi-Player Video Game on a Single Screen

This is a project that I am promoting with the G.U.I.L.D. We need to have a screen size at least 120 feet in length, have 115 simultaneous players, and all have to score at least once in thirty seconds. Required will be:

  •   Six projectors and Software
  •   Game Concept
  •   Location for Play
  •   Marketing to gather players
  •   Back end Data Collection
  •   Project Reel
  •   Apps in the Google Play store as this will be a simultaneous multi-player game.


Project: FAU Tour App

This is a project that I am thinking about doing as a DIS for the App in Augmented Reality, so it might need to be an “Approved” cross course project. For the sake of this course it would start off with a single location to be used as a precedence for other parts of the campus. It could also use the enhanced Rigged Characters from the other Course to be Avatar Guides.

  •   Site location near the Entrance to the CES building on the Boca Campus
  •   The solar car will appear from a portal that opens up in the wall, the car will then drive out right onto the sidewalk
  •   This will be a collaborative effort as I will need construction / renderings of the car
  •   Best student projects to showcase with video projection mapping on the wall
  •   App in the Google Play Store


Project: Interactive Architectural Visualization
I work with architects in Downtown Miami and have showed them the Augmented Reality Building App. This project could also be part of my Thesis as I need to include a visualization for performance architecture. It would require:

  •   A real project and site location
  •   Maya model detailed and rendered
  •   Image target Design for realtime placement
  •   App in the Google Play Store


Project: Video Projection Mapping Augmented Reality APP

I discover this in Maya in which I could recreate a real site in Maya. I can then run proposed video projection mappings onto the recreated structure in Maya to simulate the Projects Proposal

  •   Site Location, I find the UFO shaped building of the College of Design and Social Inquire to be interesting.
  •   Maya Model of the actual Building frontage.
  •   Video Animations to project in Maya (as a texture) to demonstrate the effects
  •   Implementation Changes, building color change and windows treated with a non reflective material
  •   Then Again it could be an Augmented Reality App that would transform the building into a UFO and it could launch


Project: LED Rolling Balls

  •   This was one of the first projects I thought about when I was looking to create a charity event, in which participants could be a part of a performance light sculpture. Hence the rolling balls will be pushed and captured by video. Hopefully the end result will be a video collage of light trails and blurred people, but ending with an infocus shot of the participant and the LED Rolling Ball.


Project: Laser Grafetti

  •   While Surfing Youtube, I came across this technique and thought how interesting it would be if done at a live event that promotes the graduate program of Media, Technology, and Entertainment. The project will need to be researched, demonstrated with either physical photography or image capture for distribution or sharing on social media.


Project: Exterior Lighting for a Multimedia Event

  •   This idea came to me when I was hanging a picture on a wall using a laser line level. I guess it was somewhat dark and the laser scanned the room and picked up every object in a line that hit its path. I then took it outside to see what it would do in the landscape and especially in the trees. My house sits on a cliff in a rainforest so I am up in the trees looking into the jungle as the lasers slice the vegetation. Placing these laser line levels in trees could set the mood for a multimedia event.


Project: Pelican Harbor Seabird Station Documentary

  •   Preparing to take the Documentary Video Course, I thought that it would be a great idea to do something on the Seabird Station. Growing up around Biscayne Bay and visiting Pelican Harbor on every weekend, I am very familiar with the Seabird Station and loved to look in at them as they were being cared for and rehabilitated to be returned to the wild. This will definitly be an exciting film venture for me when it happens at the time of the next course offering.


Project: Augmented Reality Happy Dance

  •   This idea came to me as I wanted to try something out of my norm. So as I have been experimenting with Augmented Reality, I thought that it would be cool to motion capture dancers dancing to Pharrel's "Happy" song. I would then place the captures onto my male and female characters from the course 3D Production for Interactivity. And finally I film and rig an augmented reality target so that our animated characters would dance down the FAU Boca's Campus Breezeway.

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