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Project: Eco-Tourism on the US Virgin Island of St. Croix

  •   As a previous resident of the United States Virgin Island of St. Croix, I wanted to capture the natural beauty of the island in video. I have some audio and video footage of the coqui rainforest frog as they awake in the morning. I have also captured the tumbling rocks near the tidal pools of Annaly Bay.
  •   Upon entering the MFA in MTE I knew I needed more projects for my portfolio. So when I saw that FAU's commercial music department was looking for video projects for musical scores, I jumped at the offer. Paul Zambrano of that department has teamed up with me to generate a tribute to the natural beauty of the Garden Isle of the US Virgin Island of St, Croix.
  •   Commenced ~ February 2014   •   Will be Completed ~ Estimated December 2015


Project: Video Projection Mapping

  •   I am currently working on video projection mapping for the portfolio workshop class. I am not sure what the final mapping will be on as I have had many ideas. I have found software that allows me to capture frame rates from any other program such as Unity3d, Maya, or After Effects. By manipulating these programs it is possible to video map 3d content in 3d spaces. I am also leaning towards creating illusions of transforming physical objects with the video mapping projection tools.
  •   Commenced ~ January 2014   •   Will be Completed ~ April 2014


Project: Concordia - a Video Game

  •   For the course 3D Production for Interactivity I am currently working on character and game asset components that have been chosen through the hero model of story development. Furthermore, through characterization, scene development and fine tuning the assets the game I am hoping to create will be centered around an antique sailboat. This boat, a Concordian Yawl have many mysteries as it sits in a boat yard next to a 600 year old ancient spanish city on a remote caribbean island. It will be up to the character to not only learn about the boat's history, but to piece together facts that will lead to an amazing conclusion.
  •   Commenced ~ January 2014   •   Will be Completed ~ July 2014


Project: Props for Melancholalaland

  •   This project is to help Joey Bargsten with his Multimedia Opera Melancholalaland. We a currently working on set visualizations that may be projected onto props or used as set designs. Currently I am working on Office environments that follow a droal corporate environment.
  •   Commenced ~ January 2014   •   Will be Completed ~ Still to be Determined

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