. . . Acknowledgement, Intent, and Purpose


for Graduate Assitanceships in Lab Monitoring, Research, and Teaching

  •   It has always been a goal of mine to give back to the community as a teacher in the academic fields of the ever growing and changing computer technologies. When I found out about Florida Atlantic University's Graduate program offering of Media, Technology, and Entertainment as a Terminal Degree; I new that I was meant to follow this discipline for completing my life-long goals. Additionally, this website will serve as an entry point for my interest in gainning Graduate Teaching Assistanceships to prepare me for my future endevours.


for the Graduate College Assessment Committee

  •   The combinning of these pages was initially set forth by an email given to graduate students only seven days ago (March 23, 2014) for the purpose of a yearly assessment of student learning. I am glad this game about as it will be a continuing demonstration of my abilities and as an aid to document my learning strategies. By continuing to maintain these pages for the yearly review, I am sure that I will develope knowledge and practice for employment in the niche market of emerging interative architecture and urban design visualizations.


Collegiate Multimedia Awareness and Service  New
  •   November 19, 2014
Game Programming Course
I volunteered to give a Unity Demonstration to the College of Engineering Students for Final Projects
  •   December 9, 2014
Professor Bargsten's Undergraduate Class
I presented an Augmented Reality Demonstration and Discussed Implications of this New Technology for my Thesis of Digital Urbanism in Interactivity
  •   August 28th, 2015
AxisSpace Co-Working Member's Tradeshow
I will sponsor a multimedia event for AxisSpace Members with an app that outlines their professional practice via an Augmented Reality App.

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