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Planning Project ~ for the City of Wellington, FL.

Course in Progress Summer 2013
Disclaimer: The work represented on this page is not the sole work of myself, but a collaborative effort of group members for the "Living Lab" project in the City of Wellington, Florida. Our group picked the Wellington Neighborhood of Folkestone and Yarmouth. Therefore, the documented results are a combination of individual ideas presented and agreed upon by the group. However, during the course of developing the physical materiality for the presentations poetic licensing was taken to further develop the project without a group consent. Individual research and work was assembled and edited for each Presentation. Credits are provided in the form of "Main Contributions" at the end of each presentation or research document by group members: A. DeWinkler, J. Keshavarz, M. Feldsberg, M. Rodriguez, J. Shapiro, A. Pena. A special thanks is given to Jasper Shapiro for volunteering as the group's moderator.

Part I
Data and Methodology


Part II
Existing Conditions



Existing Condition
Analysis Report

Part III
Planning Recommendations



Future Improvement
Recommendations Report

Part IV
Final Report

Final Report

Summary Report

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