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Students Inspire Solution for Lauderhill Overpass Problem
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The Florida Turnpike splits the city of Lauderhill, Florida; on the west side resides eighty percent of the students for Lauderhill Middle School which is located on the east side of the Turnpike. Over the years since the turnpike and overpass were built the area has become ridden with crime. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel 266 criminal incidents were reported on the overpass in 2011. Due to this many of the students do not use this overpass.


A student, Jean-Louis Kervins, was one of the students attacked and he did not want that to happen to anybody else. So he got together with other victims and friends and along with teachers and YMCA staff he was able to get local and state governments to do something to about the problem. Hence, the “19th Street Greenway Project” came together; a 100 percent student driven task force. A new corridor of wide paths, safe landscaping, and ample lighting was created to link residents to the middle school, the YMCA, and the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County.

  C O M M E N T

I love to read stories like this, we often think that one person cannot get something done. All it takes is one person to inspire others. This is our reminder that one can do something and make a difference in the world. The overpass area was a concern by many and it had been brought up to city governments before, but put on the back burner as so many worthwhile projects. So it comes down to the right attitude, perseverance, and commitment of a leader, and in this case it is the student Jean-Louis Kervins.

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