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Movie: Green Lantern
Green Lantern by Warner Brothers

Peace, Order and Justice is a line from the Warner Brothers movie Green Lantern. While having a free weekend of HBO, I had the movie on in the background; once hearing the line I started taking notes thinking on the lines of CPTED and wondering if the movie would play out for the movie review assignment. What better arrangement of words to provide a police fraternity of individuals that could protect sectors of the Galaxy.


I was well into the movie of good combating evil by imprisoning it on a deserted planet. Over the centuries of time evil was able to collect bits and pieces of fear that inhabits all living things that found their way to the planet. Once strong enough fear was able to escape to take its revenge on its captors by collecting all the fear that it could find. Our heroin Hal Jordin played by Ryan Reynolds is chosen by the Lantern as it was surrendered by the dying occupant of the protector that included earth.


To fulfill the duties of a Green Lantern, training entails overcoming fear, choosing the right equipment, and having creativity to overcome combat obstacles. In the pursuit to fight fear the elders convene and decide that are stronger fear and only fight fear. But our heroin comes brings to the table that fear does not have the capability to succeed against fear will is the only way. One has to possess Will and have the ability to use it to combat fear.


The final battle is about consumption without moderation and that becomes the weakness to fear. Our heroin strategically uses all is mite and with the greed of fear. The Green Lantern wins, as usual love is the reward but continuous love is unknown since our heroin not only protects with but his quadrant in the universe and off he goes.

  C O M M E N T

The Green Lantern maybe far reaching as a CPTED theme, but is it really for a futuristic CPTED theme. Its strengths bring forward the ideas and commitments of police force agencies and individuals. But its weaknesses invovle the lack of due care and caution at government institutions and promotional events that take place during the movie. I do not believe that current real life situations are this unguarded and left so vulnerable. But for movie magic the portrayed weakness in our systems tend to make the movie more real.

Source URL:   http://greenlanternmovie.warnerbros.com/dvd/

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