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Movie: Bad Santa
Bad Santa

Just how bad can "Bad Santa" be? Well, if you are offended by language, raunchy behavior, child brutality, drinking, swearing and even more bad behaviors; then this movie is not for you. Our two main characters are a drunkard Santa named Willie and his elf helper the midget Marcus, each year they pick a department store where they can work as Santa and his helper. But, this is their front as they are really out to to rob the place on Christmas Eve. Each year the dou gains access to the department store on Christmas Eve as the elf stays behind after closing with the first task at hand is to silence the alarm by cancelling it after security has activated it.


Next the elf lets Santa in through the back door so that he can crack open the stores safe. While Santa is doing his job the elf is ransacking the store collecting items that his girlfriend had picked out while Santa and the elf were working for the department store. The haul of money and gifts are large, enough for the two to split the money and stay in the clear until the next years Christmas season. Most interstingly are the clever ways that the elf has to go through to stop the alarm. One way was by sliding down the esculator rail and running to the alarm. Another way he is seen climbing through the air conditionning ducts to reach the security room to trigger the department stores cameras to shut down with a standard television remote control.


Our story takes another twist as a little boy finds our "Bad Santa" and befriends him as the movie goes in a different direction. This next area of the movie is not CPTED related so I will leave it out. But as a conclusion to the movie our "Bad Santa" becomes the victim and the ultimate good guy as he tries to give the little boy a Christmas present.

  C O M M E N T

Surprisingly the alarm silencing is almost believable as the elf Marcus comes up with creative ways to silence the alarm before it is set for the night. We have to remember that this is 2003 or maybe even at a time before that when security systems were not at their best. It is always interesting about the size of those air conditionning vents as he crawls through one to get to the security room. Although what may seem ipossible is the using of a remote control to turn of the security system. This is possible since I used to be a designer of remote controls and anyone can get access to the Remote Control Codes (IRDA) for any device. I liked the sliding down the escalater rail since I have always wanted to do that myself. Overall the movie was enjoyable and on the television for free.

Source URL:   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0307987/

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