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Case Study: Los Jardines Townhomes
Example Site Plan Based On Design Guidelines
For A Sustainable Infill Housing Development

To compare the Guidline Drawings with the Built Site

It is impotant to note that the drawings provided are the first in any set of Concept Drawings; therefore a comparison to the finished development will be extreme since there are many more drawing stages that will involve changes to reach the building phases.


These guideline drawings provide the base for the concept plan. The adobe architecture is signifacant since over the course of the development it changes to a embellish a modenistic view of the style. This change also minimalizes the style thus removing some important attributes that would normally be visible to the exisiting period and style.

There is to much Landscaping drawn on the Site Plans; the landscape is sparse in this region and has to be drought tolerant. It is obvious that the designers did not look into the area for plant type compatability. The plans would have looked just as nice if they would have allocated the correct amount of plants that were actually used.


The park designated on the drawings appears to be that of a nice park, and when the viewer takes notice of the other skethces in the drawing set; one may think that this is going to be a set of nicly done adobe style architectural builings in a park like setting.

However, the extreme opposite happens. As stated before the arhitecture is simplified so much that it takes on its one form. The proposed park becomes a "cookie cutter" type playset that does not fit into the environment. The other open spaces are bare and ridden with weeds. Although shade trees are used they are decidous so when the pictures were taken the appear to be dead.


The attention to detail in the lighting sections are so detailed that they portray a visual extension to what the project will look like at night time.

Again, contrary to the plans lighting is installed completely opposite to what was envisioned. In fact it is barely visible on the site. Interestingly, the photo below shows the installed lighting on the neighbor property of which they have installed three lights to the one lignt installed at Los Jardines.


Since this site is a private development the layout is walled off with the vision of one way in and another way out. The graphic at right represents this.

Again, contrary to the plans the dual entrance and exit system was not installed. completely opposite to what was envisioned a single entrance and exit was built, which is strange since the site boarders another arterial road that would have worked as a great secondary entrance and or exit.

Example Site Plan Based on Design Guidlines
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