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Case Study: Homewood Middle School
Site Plan and Construction Drawing CPTED Review
  • Athletic Fields are aimed the wrong way. One into the parking lot the other into the school.
  • Service drive behind is done after the fact and needs to have the right turning radices on it.
  • Handicap parking spaces are too far from the entrance.
  • Bus driveway appears to be confusing causing interference between cars and students.
  • Bus Drop off causes conflicting pedestrian traffic.
  • Conflicting routing of vehicular traffic in and out of the school.
  • Remote parking lot activity.
  • It appears that the entire property is not fenced off.
  • The Location of the gymnasium bathrooms are hidden and obscure.
  • Locker roomís hidden corridors need to be exposed.
  • The location of the school resource officer is far from the entrance.
  • The atrium over the ground floor can be detrimental to rambunctious kids.
  • Cafeteria and locker rooms should exchange places.
  • Bathroom Entrances are probable for wrong entries.
  • Loading and dumpster areas are overlapping.
  • Principalís Office and School Resource Office needs to further away from the entrance.
  • The Athletic Fields need to be repositioned.
  • The rear service drive's turning radius needs to be adjusted.
  • To put the Handicap parking spaces near the entrance.
  • The vehicular and pedestrian patterns need to be changed.
  • Fencing and gates need to be installed around the property.

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