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  1. What are the threats and risks associated with this building type and site? (Pedestrian and Vehicular)

The overall site is not pedestrian friendly, it is designed such that the owners can make as much money as possible without care or caution. The parking is maximized promoting loitering, Craig’s list robberies, and drug deals.

  2. What is the problem with how the building is sited or placed on the land/real estate?

The building is situated such that crime can be committed on the periphery without notice to operational clerks.

  3. Name four things wrong with the back door of the store? There are at least six things wrong.

a. The door hinges are exposed to the outside.
b. The wrong door is installed at the location it appears to be inside aluminum or hollow door.
c. There is not peep hole in the door.
d. The locks are wrong, it should be a dual key lock on both sides.
e. When the door opens it could hit a car or person on the other side.

  4. What is the problem with the front of the store curb height?

The curb height appears to be non-standard or below 6inches thus being a trip hazard.

  5. What is wrong with the handicapped ramp?

The ramp slopes upward to the sidewalk and is obstructed by a support pole on the plan

  6. What is wrong with the drive through pass through window?

The window slides the wrong way. It should slide up.

  7. What is wrong with the placement of the garbage dumpsters?

The dumpsters are in a position of the landscaping and could be accessible by rodents and dumpster divers.

  8. What is wrong with the design and placement of the car wash? What is the visibility from the drive thru window?

The car wash is hidden from site by operational staff if there was a problem it could not be manually stopped.

  9. What is wrong with the design of the drive through cubicle area? Are their windows on all sides?

There should be windows on all sides for crime watch visibility by operational staff.

  10. What is wrong with the placement and location of the exterior telephones?

The exterior phones are positioned such that they can be harmful by users from vehicles accessing the station.

  11. What is wrong with the placement and location of the interior bathroom doors?

The bathroom doors are not placed for visibility by clerks, it is possible for a man to enter the women’s restroom.


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