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Case Study: Villages of Delray
Subsidized Housing Project, Delray Florida
  • The overall layout is too symmetrical thus could be confusing or cause disorientation in finding ones unit
  • The turns do not provide access for fire trucks
  • The trash compactor by the entrance will block cars in. or
  • I am not sure if the fire trucks can make all those turns.
  • Being built as a low income housing
  • Plan got worse due to the density of parking spaces versus units.
  • Hard to find the front doors. This becomes the gas station example.
  • The break down occurs with the lack of site visibility.
  • The trash is the first thing you see when you arrive.
  • You got no green space, no gardens, and parking covers every inch of land.
  • There is no lighting.
  • This is built for density and for the traffic flows.
  • As a sign of the times, the project scaled back thus allowing more open space.
  • Vehicle circulatory traffic was changed for the better.
  • Recreational spaces were added to accommodate various age groups.
  • The recommendation is to change the economic mix and profile.
  • If you have a bunch of poor people they act poorly.
  • Changing the density will reduce the parking requirements.
  • Increase site lighting behind units.
  • Improve crosswalks to schools.

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