2c) Output: Mind Map Presentation

Section 2 - Frameworks for Spatial/Temporal Non-Linearity


“Mind Map”


August DeWinkler


XMind, Illustrator, and Apple Preview


A Mind Map is a new tool to help with “brain storming” an idea or ideas, that is because it allows for the documented thought process to work in more than one direction.  As in a normal flowchart the ideas have a definite starting point and move towards a solution or to a goal.  Direction is simple top to bottom usually or left to right.

But with the mind map, it is more about all of the components that help to shape an idea and the discoveries of new ideas along the way.  These ideas can lead to just as important end results as in the initial aim of the flow chart.  Although my Mind Map first started out to show a topic for a research project; but, then I developed it in a linear time line without a beginning or end, the idea of backwards thought process is just as important as forward thought process since one idea can serve as the base for another idea.

The self-discovery of the research project is so much clearer now, the Mind Map gives me the ability to clearly use information from my past as it relates to my interests in the future.




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