Section 2 – Frameworks for Spatial / Temporal Non-Linearity

Section 2 - Frameworks for Spatial/Temporal Non-Linearity


 Section 2 – Frameworks for Spatial/Temporal Non-Linearity

Due On:

 October 16, 2013


 The reading and reviews are:

  • Reading Review: Dieter Daniels, “Duchamp: Interface: Turing”
  • Reading Review: Ron Burnett, “Projecting Minds”
  • Reading Review: Machiko Kusahara, “Device Art: A New Approach in Understanding Japanese Contemporary Media Art”
  • Web Reviews: Duchamp, Large Glass (map of Large Glass).
  • Web Reviews: Francis Bacon, Triptychs (spatial, relational nonlinearity).
  • Bosch, Garden of Earthly Delights (and an earlier interactive version)
  • Movie Review: Lynch, Mulholland Drive (temporal nonlinearity)
  • Software Reviews:  MindMeister , Prezi, and XMind




 The projects due are:

  • Create a “Mind Map” which is a graphical type of a flowchart except that connections can be made in multiple directions, even backwards.
  • Web posting of your responses to the material.



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