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Outputs Page

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September 16, 2013


The Outputs Page will hold a copy of the live works presented to the Faculty at their Biennial Art Exhibition to held at the Ritter Museum on September 20, 2013.  As a participating member of memeTM the video presentation will be created live as directed by Professor Joey Bargesten and will be screencast for the recorded performance cut. 






August DeWinkler

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Ariel Baron-Robbins “drawing my shadow?” Creative Commons – Non-Commercial, Attribution, Remix (16 Sept. 2013) by August DeWinkler.

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London Grammar “Hey Now” Fair Use – Non-Commercial, Educational, Remix (16 Sept. 2013) by August DeWinkler

Presentation Cut:  

Link to VideoLink to Video


Presentation Review

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September 23, 2013


What a night to remember! Setup began at 3:30pm with computers, both Mac and PC;  audio and video mixing boards; an excellent sound system; a projector and the connect system; and most importantly Joey Bargsten as producer with meme™ media experi mental ensemble™.  Myself and classmates were chosen for this meme™ performance.The main highlight was Professor Bargsten as he controlled media sound with hand motions, and body gestures from the connect system through the software of Quartz Composer.  To enhance the experience Meme™ created visuals that were artistically coincided with the presentation. As I am about to embark into this new career and area of study, I have contemplated if I was making the right decision.  After Friday night’s performance I now know I am making the right decision.  It was a wonderful event filled with experimentation, intellect, and camaraderie.


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