1b) Input: Supplemental Reviews

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Butoh at Hiyoshi Shrine, Japan


Roger Walch

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Art at its purist form evokes emotion from its participants both participator and viewer; and the video of this dance is achieved.  The dancer appears to be grey toned as is the condition of many drug users. Not knowing what to expect the dance is emotional in a retarded sort of way. But then, the viewer realizes that there is extreme dedication to this dance as the physicality of it is so intense.  The video backdrop is in Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine in Shiga, Japan.  A Zen rock garden filmed in black and white to not contrast the dance with a colorful background, but music is added that could clearly be left out.  Alone the dance is engaging, thrilling, sympathetic, and emotional.




The Light Surgeons

Creative Dir:

Christopher Thomas Allen

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The interesting thing about this company is that I have seen their work.  I have been looking for internships in London, and I saw one of their installations on projection mapping.  As with a lot of United Kingdom base firms there is a plethora of companies and projects coming from this region.  The Light Surgeons definitely are on the cutting edge of technology with the broadest list of clientele.  It will be interesting to follow them throughout my program to see if I can be a fit for their organization.




Ariel Baron-Robbins

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What an aspiring artist, what is so amazing is the way her work has evolved, transcended, separated, and then returned.  The canvas is so often misunderstood as a portal to our expressionism of creative works.  Ariel redefines the canvas, its role, and output as the canvas that usually holds lines or paints, the canvas now holds her.  Brilliant.


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